Special Event 2007:

Adventures in Paradise

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Attendees at our Fourth Annual Special Event enjoyed the easygoing music of Howard and the Islanders. The band consists of Micheal Carbon on electric guitar, Jamaican native Howard Lee on twelve-string guitar, Jim Richardson on banjo and ukulele and Tom Carl on bass.

Howard and the Islanders

Featuring authentic and colorful Hawaiian costumes and hula implements,
Na Makana O’ Hawaii performs traditional and modern hula as well as Tahitian dances. Dancers Sandy Hershey and Dona Ridley have been performing together for the past 15 years.

Dancer Two dancers Leaf dance blue hula

Highmark and Jim Richardson helped to underwrite the performance. Buoyed by sold-out attendance, the evening raised approximately $4000 to benefit future Susquehanna Folk programming.


The Folk Community

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Funding Acknowledgments

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The Susquehanna Folk Music Society (SFMS) is supported by our members and many generous organizations.

Funding is provided by the Cultural Enrichment Fund and by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, administered locally by the Cultural Alliance of York County.

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