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Folk Arts Center Events

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Past Events

Wed, March 31 - Folk Arts Apprenticeships Workshop

Folk Arts Apprenticeships Workshop Online

If you are a folk artist looking to improve or share your skills, this workshop is for you! Learn how to apply for a Folk Arts Apprenticeship grant from the PCA to learn from a local master or to teach an eager student. Folk arts include music, dance, storytelling, and all sorts of handiwork. FREE virtual workshop on Wednesday, March 31. MORE

Sat, February 27 - Gospel Traditions: a Virtual Residency

Gospel Traditions: a Virtual Residency Gospel Traditions: a Virtual Residency Online

The Campbell Brothers (a world-reknowned "Sacred Steel" gospel group) and the Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God (a Harrisburg area contemporary Gospel ensemble) together present a day of FREE online performances and presentations. Susquehanna Folk partners with Penn State Harrisburg's Kulkarni Cultural Series to bring you this full-day artists' residency on Saturday, February 27. MORE

Sun, December 6 - Jewish Musical Traditions: a Virtual Residency

Jewish Musical Traditions: a Virtual Residency Online

Four FREE workshops exploring Klezmer, the mesmerizing musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Five groundbreaking female Klezmer musicians from around the country join in this virtual residency: Susan Leviton (vocals), Lauren Brody (accordion, vocals), Cookie Segelstein (violin), Ilene Stahl (clarinet), and Susan Watts (trumpet, vocals). Four virtual workshops on Sunday, December 6. MORE

Sun, September 20 - Irish Sessions with Seamus Carmichael

Irish Sessions with Seamus Carmichael Online

The most authentic Irish music isn't on a recording or on a concert stage — it's a group of folks playing together! Local Irish singer and session organizer Seamus Carmichael will talk about how a traditional Irish session (musical gathering) works, how to find one near you, and how to politely participate. We'll even share some tunes. LIVE, interactive virtual Q&A workshop on Sunday, Sept 20. MORE