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at the Susquehanna Folk Festival

An array of photos showing festival volunteers
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Two volunteers at the Mercantile area
A woman helps two little girls with an activity
Two men prepare the stage for performers


Festival volunteers get FREE ADMISSION on the day of their shift, or can purchase an All-Festival Pass for only $25. Volunteers who commit to two or more shifts get a FREE ALL-FESTIVAL PASS.

Volunteers make the Susquehanna Folk Festival possible. We'd love to have your help to create a fun and safe weekend for all. Decide which Volunteer Opportunities match your skills and abilities, and indicate your top choices on the Volunteer Application. We'll make every effort to place you in a job you'll enjoy and do well in.

Volunteers must be:


You may volunteer for one, two or three days. Shifts will be 4½ hours long. In scheduling, priority is given to those who can volunteer for two days.

To volunteer alongside a friend or family member, include that person's name on your Volunteer Application.

When you are accepted as a volunteer, you will receive an e-mail with the details of your assignment.


If you need to cancel after committing as a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible, hopefully by August 7th.

We do not require prospective volunteers to make a deposit to ensure their commitment, as many festivals do. We trust that our volunteers will follow through with what they've agreed to do. We’re counting on you!

Dress for the Weather

Volunteers may work indoors or outdoors, so check the forecast and wear comfortable shoes. You may wish to bring a water bottle, hat, sun block, insect repellent, flashlight, backpack, etc.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator

Email volunteers@sfmsfolk.org