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The 2021 Endless Summer Susquehanna Folk Festival

ALL SUMMER LONG! Concerts, Workshops, Meetups and more!

The Susquehanna Folk Festival is coming to YOU this summer! And instead of one weekend, it's all summer long — a whole new kind of music festival.

This is not a sit-and-listen festival. Dig in! We're planning for a mix of innovative virtual programming and safely-distanced in-person events, and embracing some unexpected opportunities. It's gonna be great!

Help make it happen: email concerts@sfmsfolk.org to get involved.

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Virtual and Reality

A wide variety of online and safely-distanced in-person events that capture the magic of our summer festival.

Everything You Love

Three months of concerts, workshops, song-swaps, seminars and more!

Discover New Favorites

Meet artists from all over: musicians and dancers, storytellers and artisans.

All Summer Long!

We'll host events from May to August, and archive them for you to enjoy at your own pace.