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Online Events

Tanner Bingaman - Our 2021 Emerging Artist!

Congratulations to Tanner Bingaman, who took top honors in our 2021 Emerging Artist Showcase! And a virtual high-five to all of the artists, who put on a very enjoyable show. An evening of live music with with up-and-coming young performers was the perfect way bring our Endless Summer Susquehanna Folk Festival to a close.

Our 2021 finalists:
Tanner Bingaman
Stable Shakers
Emma June
Noah Fowler
Mitchel Evan

Want to share it with friends or see it again? It'll be on our YouTube channel soon. MORE

Fri, October 8 - Hit Rewind: Bruce Molsky & Tony Trischka

Hit Rewind: Bruce Molsky & Tony Trischka Online

Good news for folks who missed our in-person concert with Bruce Molsky & Tony Trischka on Aug 29 — or who loved it and want to share it with distant friends. We recorded it! Grab a ticket, “Hit Rewind,” and watch the concert as a YouTube Premiere starting on Friday, October 8 MORE

Sun, November 7 - Caroline Keane & Tom Delaney

Caroline Keane & Tom Delaney Online

After Caroline and Tom's set of Irish traditional tunes in our 2020 Emerging Artist Showcase, our judges all declared they were moving to Dingle. This duo's youthful exuberance and their joy in playing together is irresistible. The show includes both a professionally filmed concert and a virtual visit to their home in Dingle. The beauty and vibrant culture of rural Ireland enlivens their virtual concert premiering on Sunday, November 7. MORE