The 2013-2014 Concert Series presents...

Neidig, Koretzky, Gehret & Campbell

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Concert 7:30 pm
at Appalachian Brewing Company

Neidig, Koretzky, Gehret & Campbell

Kevin Neidig

Kevin Neidig — photo by Art Wachter

Henry Koretzky

Henry Koretzky — photo by M.E. Truckenmiller

Ken Gehret

Ken Gehret

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

An electrifying and intimate show with four of the finest musicians in our area! They've been so popular, we're bringing them back to our stage for an unprecedented fifth year.

Kevin Neidig

Kevin excels at singing, instrumental prowess and songwriting. On guitar, mandolin or banjo, his nimble fingers extract magic from the strings. His arrangements are dizzyingly technical, with ingenious chordwork and melodic lines balancing the lyrics and vocals. In addition to his solo work, Kevin is half of the duo Voxology. Kevin also teaches guitar in Mechanicsburg and via, challenging guitarists with fresh ideas that exercise the physical, the mind and the spirit.

Henry Koretzky

A native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Henry came to playing music late in life and has spent the past few decades trying to make up for lost time. Since the early 80s he has been a regular on the local roots music scene, playing bluegrass, contra dance music, swing, contemporary folk/Americana, and a bit of Celtic. He has played with High Strung, Medicinal Purpose, The Contra Rebels, The Gnu Tones, Sweetwater Reunion, Ithaca (NY)-based bluegrass band Cornerstone, Rootbound, KJ & Henry, the Sweet Nothings, Shades of Green and Blue, and Sink or Swing. His new project is the Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble.

Ken Gehret

Ken has been performing as a musician for more than thirty years, primarily as a guitarist and violinist. Ken performs, teaches, composes and arranges for over 17 instruments including voice, woodwind, reed, string and keyboards. Coming from a primarily country music background, he has performed with well known stars including Roy Clark and Mell Tellis, and has performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Ken plays with several local bands, in genres ranging from Irish traditional to bluegrass to jazz.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce has been a favored sideman in our area for dozens of bands and musicians over the last 40 years. Starting with keyboards in rock bands in the 70s, he graduated to acoustic guitar for folk and bluegrass acts in the 80s. In the 90s he found his calling with the string bass, and never looked back, specializing now in all varieties of jazz, as well as numerous singer/songwriter acts. An active local performer, he can also be heard on a score of recordings both as a regular band member and as a studio sideman.

Abbey Bar
Appalachian Brewing Company

50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Directions & Venue Info

Free parking behind the building.
This is a sit-down concert in a listening room environment.

Concert: 7:30pm

  • $18 General Admission

  • $16 SFMS Members

    SFMS Members Save!
  • $10 Students

    — to age 22
  • Age 21+ only

    — the ABC's rule for evening shows
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